Brazilian beauties are celebrated worldwide. They combine a natural grace to skills which are increasingly recognized and original. From now on, Brazil considers itself as a glamorous destination and it is not foreign tourists and flourishing textile industries which will complain!

Brazilian bikinis

bikini0Brazilian bikini is probably the sexiest popular garment on the planet as well as the most beautiful ornament. The aesthetic emotion that it arouses on beaches around the world is the result of a national obsession: the cult of the buttocks!

Brazilian supermodels

supermodel0Brazil has become in recent decades a producing country of top models. Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio are among the 10 highest-paid models in the world. In a country where beauty contests are very popular institutions, their successes promote many vocations.

Brazil fashion

fashion0Brazilian fashion has enjoyed great success in recent years and begins to be freed from aesthetic canons imported from the West. Brazilian creations are marked out by their originality and accessibility. For example (extreme case) the young brand Daspu (“Whores”) founded by a prostitutes’ association cariocas who became known by making a beautiful wedding dress out of sheets from a motel.

Today, Brazil does not hide its ambitions anymore to compete highest places in fashion such as London or Paris.

Brazilian miniskirts


When I see brazilian miniskirts, I feel love. Let me tell you…

Brazilian hair straightening

hair0Brazilian smoothing is a hair care with keratin. This care requires real skills and it is highly recommended to find out about swindles and risks concerning this technique which is relatively expensive, before trying it.

Sex in Brazil

sex0Sex in Brazil suffers from a bad reputation which deserves largely to be amended. The grace of Brazilian girls do not make them loose women! There are also many things to say again about the alleged liberal sexual mores in the country of Carnival, which they bragged so much in most travel guide.

The contrary of these pictures, sexual minorities are actually quite seriously abused… In the end, the disappointment of foreign tourists gives only the impression of filling up a bit more brothels of major cities, to the point where, today, sexual tourism is considered as a national problem and is the subject of numerous campaigns.